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former cubbage huosemate

AMAZING!!!!! i heart hipkid!!!! and that was a sick beat Mr. H, well done, most catchy indeed.


How great! The video and song just brightened up my snowy Sunday!


HipKid - what a sweet little guy! I wish I could hear the song.

Definitely a lot to be said for trying to find and nurture the hidden abilities & talents of the kids we teach.

Great entry.
I just started reading your blog after randomly stumbling upon it online.
Come back?


my mom is also a teacher...and i love her...i just bought her a new car cover( http://www.carcoverworld.com/ ) last week :)

k12 education

What a beautiful story!I really enjoyed reading it. The video is just wonderful!

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Private Schools Reviewer

The "Wooden Movie" is fantastic! I loved how the camera angle moved around, and the audio track is very entertaining. Well done!

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Definitely a lot to be said for trying to find and nurture the hidden abilities & talents of the kids we teach.

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Found this on my way around the internet this morning and thought it might be something to promote on your teaching blog.

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Teacher, I moved for you, I love you, I love our class. You are my second mother, this class is our second home

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He's little dull looking, like you could get more human interaction out of wood slab or a cold stone; Both of which, by the way, have more acting talent and model potential than Mr.

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Cheesy? Not a chance! Do what you know is best.

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I comprehend the whole meaning of the video.


Great story and nice blog! I love your header too.

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