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I like your poetry unit very much. It's similar to one I did while at a high school.

I might recommend trying to find an episode of "The Simpsons" where Moe and Lisa team up to write poems. There's also a great episode where Bart nominates his teacher for an award and while watching videos of nominees the judges remark that "Dead Poets Society" has ruined a generation of teachers.

The website www.newpages.com is a nice collection of literary magazines, some online, that your students might use to explore poetry, too.

Best of luck! I bookmarked your blog.


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I fear that technology will bring and end to the use of pen and paper and thus an end to the use of two additional senses (brain combined with hand).

The physical reinforcement of knowledge via pen and paper is essential!

Not that there isn't a place for high tech in the classroom, because there is...

Also, I can't download your poetry unit. I'd love to see it.

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Took me time to read all the comments, but I enjoyed the article.


Nice article. Thanks for sharing it.


I really like your approach. The cool thing about imovie is that you could come up with an activity where they could write a poem and have them pick images and music to further express the emotion of the poem.


I think it is great that our generation can use high technology. It makes teaching much more interesting and fun, with much more opportunities and different approaches. :)
...But I also think that sometimes our learners still need to do things the old-fashioned way... It will be sad if learners have no interest in reading books, magazines and newspapers...


funny how poetry just pops out from your mind..it happened while i was shopping for teacher supplies last week..i couldnt find a paper to write it down :(


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It is funny indeed Helga- it comes to your head no matter where you are and what you do. Sometimes I have to get up from my bed at night to write down something I just heard in my head.


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nice blog. very nicely written. there will come a time when children will no longer need pens and papers.

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despite the widening use of technology in literature, I can never deny the fact that it also encourages more people especially the young generation to "write" something..may it be poems or stories..as more and more content that can be accommodated by the internet, the next challenge would finding the ones that are worth reading about ;)


Thought you might want to check out Qwizzy's World, a site developed by a mom local to my area. Technology is here to stay, as you know, and she's come up with a unique way to use it. The site is very user friendly for parents, too, and could go a long way in strengthening home-school communication. The site (www.qwizzysworld.com) allows kids to design their own study guides and practice quizzes using any curriculum. Just thought I would share...might be worth a look!

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Nice think of you that of teacher day aka rise. Great work

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Yes... it seems that the media is very biased to their own way of thinking and hasn't improved since you wrote this article.

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Interesting article. I'm looking forward to see your future posts. Cheers !!


I absolutely love this post! I can completely relate. I am currently in a teacher-ed program at the University of Washington, where I am taking my first tech class. It is amazing how much esier it is to communicate with my students when I can speak their language. I love your idea about having students e-mail you in class. Genius! Not only will they actually be excited to complete the task, but you may also earn a few "cool teacher" points. It is crazy to think that the students I will be teaching, only one generation younger than me, live such different lives than I lived only a few years ago. Thanks and I enjoy your blog!


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