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JG Smith

Sometimes I read your blog and think, "Maybe I'm blogging in my sleep, and I don't realize it." Then I think, "Who am I kidding? My baby doesn't let me sleep!" Our lives seem so parallel. I teach freshman and junior English classes along with journalism.


JG--Nice to meet you. Are you keeping a blog? I know; it's not like there's time. Sometimes I think I blog in my sleep, or at least I draft posts (and ridiculous fb status updates that I never post) during late night feedings while my head is in that groggy netherworld. As far as actual posting goes: Viva la nap time!


I just found your blog and had to smile when I read this post about pumping.

I'm a new mom (she turns 4 months old today!) and am pumping at work as well. I'm a Canadian living in Mexico so the short maternity leave was scary to say the least, and pumping makes my days whirlwinds of craziness but I am happy to be providing my darlin' with the best of the best for her feedings.

Thanks for sharing because somehow it makes me feel a little happier knowing others share my whirlwind ways (and I mean that in a positive, genuine way).


Thanks. I well remember the day when I found out that six weeks of maternity leave wasn't an automatic thing. While you are entitled to six weeks off from your job, those weeks aren't actually *paid.* I'd already taken my sick/personal days for doctor's visits and bedrest, so I ended up with a grand total of three days of paid leave after the baby was born. I obviously couldn't go back to work after only three days. We were saved by a relative with deeper pockets, but I don't get how other folks do it. I think about moving to France or Canada or Iceland.



Good luck to all teachers!


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