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This sounds bad but I always said if I had to go back to work, I would rather give my kid formula than pump. It seems like a huge hassle...


I sympathize with you and the tedious pumping at work saga. I did for both of my babies, the last is still nursing but off the pump and bottle. Wait until that happens, oh joy! I recall having to rearrange my classroom design so my desk could sit near an electrical outlet by the computer and away from window views. I am lucky to be on the 2nd floor of my building at least. Don’t give up! The end will be here before you remember starting the process. Your daughter will be eternally grateful you thought of her enough to go to the trouble of pumping at work. Not always, if ever, fun, but at least it affords some nice alone time!


I know! Now that I have my basic system in place, I am actually enjoying my hideout time in the closet.

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