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Kaysia Crews

I think the approach you took with your ninth graders was excellent. When students are asked to contribute and participate in the class curriculum that gets their attention, they are happy to put their say in. And from the email your student sent you, you can tell this method sticks with the students.


Has this continued to work for you? I did this my first year of teaching, and have since abandoned it because for my second/third years I taught in a school that required me to use a specific vocab book. Somehow after changing schools again (I'm now in my 5th year of teaching HS English, just like you!), I just never re-instituted it. Would you recommend it or not?


I loved how you didn't just ask them for words, but for context! Your blog is 'delicious', I am having such a great time reading your entries I am forgetting about life...
Thank you for the humor!


I think that it is a great idea to allow the students to pick their own words. They can learn words that they actually want to learn about instead of being made to learn words that they may not care about at all. I also like the fact that you have them write the word, definition and context in which they found the word. This really gets them involved and thinking. Great idea!

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