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jesus, i'm overwhelmed and losing my mind just reading this.

Tom Kim

Best of luck to you. Hope you don't have to resort scoring Ritalin from your students.


Yikes!! Are you serious?? Way to jump back into the fire...good luck with all that stuff!!

Thanks for checking out my blog!!!

Jóhannes Þ.

That pretty much summed up my own job description ;-) Guess teaching is the same everywhere in the world :-) But the bottom line is this: You are a teacher. You will do all those jobs and you will do great! How we do that is a mystery... it's a kind of magic ;-)

Best wishes from a fellow teacher in Iceland who just happened to stumble in here. And if you havn't seen it, check out Taylor Mali's "What Teachers Make" video... you can find it here: http://www.boreme.com/boreme/funny-2007/what-teachers-make-p1.php

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