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NYC Educator

Great story. School, though, is a good place to discover what you are and are not good at. Hopefully, our kids are at least giving themselves a chance. It's the ones with no interests whatsoever I worry about.

NYC Educator

Great story. School, though, is a good place to discover what you are and are not good at. Hopefully, our kids are at least giving themselves a chance. It's the ones with no interests whatsoever I worry about.

Tom Kim

This is why teachers should be encouraged to have a life.


That is a wonderful post which resonates with me (parallelism intended? Maybe...can't stop an old English major). I have always felt that life should be a lifelong learning experience, doubly so for someone whose role it is to teach. And yet, if we don't realize we all don't teach with ever action and reaction, where are we? Are we just fooling ourselves? Perhaps.

You are clearly a teacher whom every student should have. You don't walk into class with your prepared lesson that you have used for the last 20 years...you are still learning. I would like to hope all teachers are still open to the idea that there is something more to learn.

Thank you.

Robert Wilder

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Enjoyed your posts. I'm an old dog learning new tricks with this blogging thing… sort of stumbling through blindly and was glad to stumble here.

At any rate, I'm always amazed at what we learn from our students. Would love to have you take a peak at my site when you get a chance.


Great post!!! I can relate. Always learning new things. As an adult I'm the kind of student that looks like I'm not paying attention and I'm always texting on my phone during lessons, but I participate when the teacher asks questions and I always ask smart questions. My listening skills just appear to be disrespectful. I still don't excuse my students being that way, but you're right, perhaps I could understand...


great lesson. it's still hard for me to understand why people struggle at things b/c i've usually picked things up easily or like you, stayed in my own comfort zone. i've taught and honestly think i will have trouble dealing with folks who cannot aspire to excellence. i understand that's 90% of the world. i don't want to sound pompus here, but... i get what you're saying. i've always thought this would be my biggest headache as a teacher.

Ardis Barbre

Great teaching lesson! As educators, I think we often forget to try and figure out why students act a certain way before getting upset. Your story reminds me of the importance of figuring out the why behind a student's behavior before I react to the behavior.

OSU student

It's nice to finally be empathetic toward someone whom has suffered the same as you. Creates perseverance and patience.

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