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I love your blog!
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Dana Huff

As a private school teacher, I just want to say I totally "got" this post. Classic! And let me know if you need any help with As I Lay Dying. I haven't taught that particular book, but I am on fire for Faulkner, and I think I can brainstorm some ideas with you.

Jennifer Alexander

I LOVE your post. I am a teacher as well, and while I teach elementary school children in a public school, so many things ring a bell to me as well. Keep posting!


Thanks for picking your pen back up (so to speak). I loved reading about your first year while I was teaching overseas, and now that I'm back in the US teaching poor urban kids I look forward to reading more about your completely different experience at the private school. It's important for us all to keep our own experiences in perspective--thanks for helping me do that!

Anna M. Garcia

My first attempt in college, I did what I had to do to get my B's and C's to get out of school and get married. I learned to love Faulkner years later, and I have not read As I Lay Dying. I just ordered it from Amazon.com. Can't wait to get it and start reading it too!


Thank you thank you thank you

Just thought I'd keep it short'n'sweet. After grading 132 horrific 10th grade research papers I am tired of writing comments. So, my only one to you:

Dave Younce

I really enjoyed reading this and looking back on a few of your other posts. I'm learning the art of blogging as an elementary principal...always interesting...thanks for the insight.



Why do the private schools get all the passionate, talented teachers? I'm not judging you - I know that this job was a 'dream' one. I almost weep when I look at the talent being lavished on kids who already have had so much lavished on them (both here in Oz and USA).


I'm an English education major at Michigan State University, and I really believe your point about American literature and teaching students how to write. So many teachers are stuck on "classics" written by dead, white, upper-class males. There is so much more out there, and so much literature to which students can more closely relate.

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