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I know exactly what you mean. From one rare commenter to another- it's great to have you back.

Dana Huff

Welcome back! You were missed. I know how you feel about making it a habit. I don't do as much when I'm really busy at work. Then when I have time, I come back and realize how much I missed the camaraderie of this ultimate faculty lounge -- the education blogosphere. I just need to make time for it, prioritize it, even when I'm busy. It's funny, I still subscribed to your feed, but I just removed you from the blogroll the other day, having concluded you were permanently defunct. You're back on, and I'm happy you're back.

Wellington Grey

Welcome back. Are you still going to write about your students now that some of them know about the blog?

Ms. M

glad to have you back. Good thing I have you subscribed to my bloglines or I would have never known.


We have to do what we need to to survive.

Make a post about your summer writing workshop you attended Summer '05. I'd be interested on reading your perceptions of it and what you walked away from it with.

I'll echo the others: Glad to see you're back!


Ditto. Glad you're conversing again. I'll call you soon.

Vicki Davis

Blogging is a team sport! I'm glad you're back too. I hope we can cross paths at GAETC this year.

Anna M. Garcia

I loved your comment about why you left blogging and why you came back, "when I didn't write, I didn't read." I have had that conversation with my colleagues. Some believe reading and writing should be taught in isolation. Being an English teacher, what are your thoughts?

IB a Math Teacher

Welcome back!

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