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Flaming Cheeto

I'm not sure where you got the idea that teachers should have good insurance. I laugh at that one. My insurance sucks. My daughter broke her arm over the summer and when I had my yearly lady appointment (as you put it) I went over the diagnostic/lab/x-ray limit and had to foot the bill. Geez. No well visits are covered but once I meet the deductible they will cover 80% of my counseling visits. Counseling that I no doubt need because I work there. Ha! At least we have decent dental...as long as you go to the right dentist.

And here where I am to work for a private school is take an incredible pay cut. I thought about a private school and realized...no way. I have two kids. Just can't do it!

NYC Educator

It's awful that working people have such terrible insurance. Where I am, public schools offer better coverage than private schools, as well as higher salaries.

But really, everyone should have decent health insurance.


Do they spell +principal+ differently in other places? I am a gramar nazi... but.. I learned wayyy back.. "yr princiPAL is yr "pal'"

Just thought you would like to know.

I enjoy yr blog ooooooodles and dont mean to be mean- hope yr not offended/slighted.




Yikes, if I got offended everytime someone had to correct my spelling, I would be a terribly negative person. I am the worst speller! I do try to check things over before I post, but I don't always catch them all. Thanks!


Ms. Mettle

I like your blog. Can you link to sassyteacher.com?


I can relate. I remember back at ASC when I got diagnosed with the dermoid tumor but couldn't have the medically necessary surgery because it wasn't an emergency and because I hadn't signed up for the "extended" or "major" student insurance. I ended up waiting a year and by then the tumor was 1/2 inch bigger. Hooray!

I wonder if it's really better in Canada?


Oh my, that sounds like a total nightmare. People here (in Canada) do occasionally complain about nitpicky issues in health care, but at the root, it's something we never really have to think about it. You get sick, you get health care. No decisions about money.


I too have that wonderful insurance - I found out I was pregnant in May, and as I looked closely at my benefits, I found prenatal isn't covered. I will be paying out of pocket for each visit. One of my co-workers almost didn't go to the doctor for some strange lumps around her neck, due to the high costs of this new, great insurance. Someone convinced her to - turns out: cancer.

My other favorite part of this is that the insurance company does NOT apply all of your out-of-pocket expenses to the deductible if they deem the cost too high. It's my money paying the doctor, and they don't apply it. I figure it will take me about $6000 to meet my $4000 deductible.

My school got many of us to switch to this new plan (which will be effective for all/staff faculty in Jan. 08) by doubling our premiums if we kept the old plan. I didn't have an extra $500/month, so I switched my family to it. It is the worst insurance I've EVER had - I have had to question almost every bill, keep extremely close records of the deductible. And no one in my family is sick. I can't imagine what it would be like if we needed monthly medications - I feel for you!

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