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Hey it looks like some one here might be able to help me out. I am a grad student at Barry University researching teachers perceptions. Please follow the link to my study. It has been approved by the IRB at BU.



sorry, click on my name to get to the study...

Dave LaMorte

Congrats on finishing your first year. I hope my first year teaching will be even half as rewarding. I think if you keep challenging your kids they'll keep challenging you.

This is such a great blog, keep up the good work.


Your post was inspiring and touching. I hope that when I start teaching I am able to have a classroom of students that I have taught to be as self directed as yours, and that I can reach students who need it the most. I've posted a response to your blog if you want to check it out.


well done good post. hope you stick with it! We need to keep teachers like you around!


Hi. I'm a newbie on your site... just finished up my first year as a college teacher, but I reminisced when you mentioned your 9th graders. When I taught high school, I had a little bit of everything (9th, Juniors, Seniors, the Yearbook class)... I just wanted to say that younger students, while looked down upon by some teachers as being too involved with themselves or too immature, actually have a LOT to say about the world if you let them - as demonstrated in your activity.

I had a similar experience when I introduced a simple TIME magazine article to my Juniors one year - they wouldn't stop talking, and I was amazed/excited/proud.

Congrats - and have a great summer!!


I just wanted to pass along this free site for educators and students:


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- Chris


First of all, congratulations! I think your blog is really nice and a good resource for English teachers or future English teachers.
I agree with you when you say that teaching is a wonderful career.

Keep it on, please.

Mike Cunningham

I am sooo interested in becoming a better teacher and want to know more about class discipline and classroom mangement techniques.

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