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I especially like the writing suggestions about yellow and the looney factor of their teacher. :-P

Nancy McKeand

If your experience with the writing project is anything like mine, you will love it. You will come out rejuvenated, inspired and ready to go. I hope you will blog about it as you go along.

Bud Hunt


Congratulations on being close to the end of the first year -- and extra special congratulations on your inclusion in the Writing Project -- I suspect that you'll find the project to be rejuvenating and extremely useful to you. All the best -- I hope that you blog about your summer work!


Middlebury (VT) offers a similar program that I've heard great things about. I've thought about it, however there are too many math ed problems that need working out for me to give that much time to a writing program.

I wish you luck. Earn that Master's degree as soon as you can. That is one way to increase your income in this profession.

When Pigs Sing

Congratulations! Second year's the best. Did you get any comments about you as a loon?


New parrot-inspired topic: Oysters: underwater rocks full of jewelry and meat. Wow.


Hi. I don't know who you are or where you live, etc., but a friend of mine thought I might enjoy your sight, and I do.

I teach creative writing and broadcasting in Madison, AL.

Again, kudos for an interesting blog! :o)


Congrats on the fellowship! I am so happy for you, and I bet it's a mind massage for you - really needeed after your first year.


Tell us more about the summer writing program! I'm hoping to take one at The Institute for Writing and Thinking at Bard College in July.


Hey Hip Teacher!

The SDAWP was hands down the best professional development I ever had. I heard the format has changed a bit since I participated in the early '90s, but you're sure to come home with a greater sense of yourself as a writer and rarin' to put what you learned into practice with your students.

May I say how lucky they are to have such a thoughtful and caring teacher as you. I was a mess my first year of teaching! You seem to be a natural.


It's so great to see a high school teacher who actually enjoys teaching writing. I teach college English, and I've had so many students struggle with writing either because their high school teachers just didn't teach writing or because they taught it but resented it at the same time. That resentment, as I'm sure you know, is horribly contagious!

I just discovered your blog today, but after reading through it for a while, I'd have to agree that you are indeed a hip teacher, and one I'd like my students to have had.

Enjoy your summer and many happy returns!

TJ Lange

I wish I could have had an English teacher like you. I hated high school english, it was horribly boring. That caused me issues later on when I got to college. Sadly my girlfriend at the time ended up doing most of my English work for me.


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