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Wow! Full moons make my kids act like freak shows! Aren't you the lucky one?


My kids are acting wonderful too! Ever since they got back from Spring break they have been a new bunch--hope they remain that way---knock on wood.

What music are you playing? I was playing Postal Service at the beginning of the year to moans----but now kids are telling me "Miss F, I love the Postal Service, they are so cool--do you listen to Death Cab too?" Of course I tell them------and then asked them if they are embarassed that their teacher knew of them first....

Once when I was teaching h.s., a period of remarkable mellowness and lack of drama/fights was followed (and ended) by the busting up of a school vicodin ring!

Since your students are being industrious and not merely nonviolent, I'm sure they're under the influence of your interesting and engaging assignment, not drugs.


whenever my freshman comp students act this way, especially when they all look at their desktops, the first thing i do is check to make sure i haven't forgotten to zip up. very subtly, of course--the last thing i need is a lawsuit for lewd gesturing.


i can't believe i just wrote "subtly"--what am i, british?

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