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Good stuff. Talk like that feeds my soul.

Expat Nomad

Wisdom comes in many forms think ye grasshopper.


Beautiful post


Answers to questions like, "What do you need to feel your soul?" is precisely why I love teenagers. Sometimes they surprise us! As for me? Sweet potatoes feed my soul. Poetry feeds my soul. Dance feeds my soul.

I think I'll ask my students today what feeds their souls- a great journal entry, especially since we're reading "Brave New World", a book about a society where "feeding the soul" is heresy.

Thanks for the idea. Thanks for the posting.

Kelly in Kansas

Great way to take advantage of a teachable moment!


This anecdote makes me happy! Thanks for sharing!


I just love all your stories! I will definitely link to you as soon as I figure out how to do that on my blog! I teach Health/PE/Driver Ed and recently started a blog about all my fun adventures teaching Health class this year. Oh yeah, I'm a redhead too :) Keep up the great entries!

Kid Hip

Does anyone know of any studies or teachings on personalized learning. I own KidHip.com; We do personalized children's music and we're looking for articles on personalized learning.

Kreg Ferris
President, Kid Hip Music Inc.


I enjoyed reading your blog!

mr big dicks hot chicks

Studying Transcendentalism, I asked my American Lit class what they needed in life to feed their souls. After a few broad, not-quite-there responses, Chances, the son of my favorite custodian, grinned broadly and yelled out, "HOT WINGS!" I'm pretty sure he was kidding around.

I started saying some stuff about feeding your soul, not your body, and talking again about needs versus wants, but then, suddenly, I stopped myself.

Hot wings don't feed my soul (a good, vegetarian soul btw), but maybe, in a way, hot wings feed his soul. I opened the discussion to the class. We talked about how food could be tied to cultural identity. We talked about the term "soul food." And in the end, we decided.

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