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ok, did he/she KNOW he/ she was being funny or is he/ she INSANE?


It's Mad Libs, right? This is a funny one!


Are you sure that's not the same kid that wrote this
(http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/image/essay/1) awesome essay?


Hee heeee!


Classic, as always. From one teacher to another - I can't get enough of your site!


so, they graduate from the eighth grade and you get them. my apologies! lol


What have you done to these kids?


i have become such a teacher that my first response was, "what a great vocabulary!" what has happened to me?


Did you have your students write this outside of class as a homework assignment? The "letter" is quite obviously from Mad Libs, as pointed out by Jennifer. BTW, when I taught junior high, I loved using Mad Libs as a classroom activity to reinforce parts of speech. Just have to remind the kids to keep their word suggestions "appropriate" to a classroom setting! I teach high school English now and occasionally blog about my triumphs, trevails, and tribulations at work and in my personal life. I'm adding your blog as a link on my blog page. Love it!


Ok, what is so awesome about this is that he wrote it in class in about five minutes, sans any Mad Libs book. In a parent conference on Friday, I gave the note to his mom, and she said the whole family used to enjoy playing Mad Libs in the car on family vacations. What I love is that he used that memory to inform the crafting of his letter. He got something deep about genre/format that I certainly haven't taught.

But he is certainly a very, very strange boy. No gettin' around that.

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