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The good teachers always get in trouble for appearing unprofessional to the administrative types. Do it anyway. You are right, and they are wrong.


having students get pregnant is really horrible for me, too. it hurts me inside.

the ONLY thing i can eat at my cafeteria is the nachos (corn chips with fake cheese sauce- ugh).


Ah, but beware. My boyfriend's sister (M.)got fired and blacklisted from GA public schools for this:

Her elementary school in Canton was experiencing bad problems with threats (some rednecks killed a hispanic kid and in response a hispanic gang started threatening that they were "going to mow down the rednecks"), so they started enforcing lockdowns during school hours and hired lots of security. They also started practicing more drills, but for bombs, not fires.

One of M's students was FREAKING OUT about all of this and confided in M. First M suggested the girl speak to the folks at the school about requesting to switch schools. But the student was denied. So M suggested that the student write a letter to the head of the district (I don't know the official titles). Long story short: M's school found out and fired and blacklisted her. She cannot work in ANY school anymore. She applied to one school and they did hire her - then on the friday before she was to start they called and all they said was, "Don't bother coming."

You know that I am not one to follow the rules. But I would hate to see more GOOD teachers get fired like M did. We need you guys, so be careful!


Keep up the good work. It was a wise suggestion even if the admins can't see past their noses. Also, I'm sure you were probably at least half-joking about taking the girls to get the birth control, but be very careful. One of our counselors did that exact thing and got fired. It's so ridiculous that some people just refuse to acknowledge that some teenagers are going to have sex so they need to be safe doing it.


Ah, yes, another reason why I teach 8th grade. But, don't you find it fascinating that while people think you are a student, they treat you like crap?? Why many of these idiots work with or near kids is beyond me. I am 38, not 18...open up your freaking eyes. LOL

I've had pregnant kids in the past (when I taught high school). It is a painful blow.


I am struck by how you choose to discuss the pregnancy of some of your students. First, that by becoming pregnant these girls "had potential". They still do, and to condemn them to the past tense is a horrible, negating act of betrayal. Perhaps these young women will not walk down the path we would have wished them, but that does not invalidate the rest of their lives.

Second, you seem to imply that the tragedy is all the greater in light of their intelligence and beauty. Perhaps the greater tragedy is that there are many young women who do not fit that description, and pregnant or not, there are teachers who do not see their potential.

You write, judging from only a few posts, like you care about your students and their success, but this perhaps frustrated and off-hand remark is also telling.


My kids write on their hands anyway, I don't get how this is all that alarming to your higher-ups. This talk of functional body art reminds me to blog soon about "Hitler-head" stay tuned on my blog.

Please blog hand puppet-ry soon! I do Oedipus with hand puppets--quite effective.


1.SIX pregnant students? That's a tragedy. It's interesting how Western Europe is so much more open about human sexuality and yet has a much lower rate on "non-intended" pregnancies....

2.I politely disagree with Mamacita.(Who's heart is definately in the right place.)

In California, teachers are considered "probationary" until they have completed two full years (+ 1 day) of teaching service. Until that time, they can release you at the end of either one of the years WITH NO EXPLANATION whatsoever. In fact, to avoid lawsuits, now-a-days Districts almost never tell the reason(s) behind the dismissal of a probationary teacher.

And having had good Stull Act evaluations are no defense, as Districts often chose not to "re-elect" probationary teachers that have been given "great evaluations."

Keep your administration happy. At least until after you have earned tenure.

Of course if you already HAVE tenure, then do what it right for the kids.


I've been the librarian at my elementary school for 14 years now and I'm encountering the children of the children I taught. Frequently the Mother and daughter both have babies , we have uncles and nephews in the same class. It is so sad to see these girls potential ended at the age of 14 or 15. When are their communities going to wake up!


Matt. you should also be glad you aren't in a school where pregnant 8th graders aren't uncommon.

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