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Bravo to Mrs. J. And kudos to you for posting the letter.


Very funny. I am going to check out this book club.

Bible Belt Educat

Thank you thank you thank you Mrs. J, if only you could have a long chat with my Grandma!!!


Very nice. Great post and wonderful letter.


Woo hoo! When you live in a red state in the south, it's so wonderful to see that there are people with a sense of humor regarding religion.
You get the sloth salute of approval.




Ahhh. Found your blog doing some research for my Classroom Management class. I checked out the so called book club and clicked on "for kids" link. Funniest/most disturbing book for kids? "help mom! There are liberals under my bed!"

Gotta indoctrinate them with hate and name calling practices when they're young, right?

Makes me a little sick and sad for the youngsters.

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