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Wow. Thanks for this post. It is true. I have run to the call myself and on one memorable occasion, scaled the heights of the freshman bleachers in an assembly.


Yes: we teachers have a sixth sense for these things; it's almost palpable, the "feeling in the air" when a fight/rumble is brewing. I've been there. It's instinctual- a gut reaction.

Expat Nomad

What's even more frightening is when you, as a teacher, are in the midst of a fight as a combatant.

Be glad that you were just separating the kids and not involved. The dilemma of job preservation vs. self preservation is a hard one to grapple with as you are grappling with them.

A colleague of mine had a great technique for stopping a fight - she sat on them. until reinforcements arrived. Note to others - this technique only works when both are on the ground... ;)


I've come to believe that college professors keep the secrets to breaking up fights locked away in secret books. I too have had to figure out how to break up a fight in the cafeteria, where the weapons of choice were waters bottles and plastic forks. Never a dull moment with high school kids!

Quo Poe

I work in mental health. We experience the same things. You can feel the fight coming, and you run to it. :)


I remember during my first year of teaching (a LONG time ago), I was on lunch duty when 2 girls squared off over a freaking carton of milk. Without thinking, I jumped in between them and jerked them apart. Only later did it occur to me, "Boy, was that stupid." The things we do...it's gotta be instinct. Logical people act differently.


How very strange that today I was thinking of your entry when a girl fight broke out!

Not just any girl fight, a popular girl fight!

Looks like you not only sense them, but cause them by your sheer will.


Girl fights are the worst to break up. I've always been puzzled why girls can be so vicious to one another. But that's the reality.

Mz. Smlph

Wow! Great description of the feeling I had today around 11am. Just a note to Trisha whose comment is above: When our kids fight in the cafeteria, the weapons of choice are metal chairs, soda machines, and drinking fountains ripped out of the wall.

My favorite technique for breaking up a fight is pulling on a kid's backpack loop. This, of course, only works until she squirms out of her backpack or the loop rips off. Whether I'm in the middle of it, or just watching, I can't stand the feeling a fight leaves me with. I always think my knees will give out.


When you happen to miss a fight at my school, you can always tell it happened by the clumps of fake hair left on the floor. Man, do my girls like to pull hair.


Yup- hair pulling is all the rage in girl fights. And the fights are vicious! This week, two big football boys got pushed down by girls while trying to break up a fight. When the adrenaline is pumping, there's no stopping a girl fight until someone gets tired.


You tried to stop the fight? We place bets on the winner down here on S. TX.


Well, coming from a high school where the girls actually fight more often than the boys do, girl fights can sometimes be a challenge to break up. we had to get security guards in our school some years back because some of the fights were too difficult to break up for the teachers. and i would says girl fights are definitely harder.... they hang on for dear life.

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