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I hope you feel better! And I hope Pimp stops cutting class!

James Farmer



Now that is some wild world merging.


i just want to say that i LOVE reading your blog. it is inspiring me to start my own. i am a 2nd year teacher in Hollywood, CA who TOTALLY relates to everything (even the looking like a student part). it sounds like PIMP might start to "teach" you just as much as you are teaching him!


Thanks for the well-wishing.

and ilene--thank you for that. you should start your own blog. it's like therapy, but it don't cost as much and it makes you laugh, like, way more. of course, i recommend therapy too. all teachers should automatically have therapy.

but really, teaching is such the ride. and it gives me something to go back and read those archives. in a profession where you rarely get to start a project, take it through to finish, and see the finished project (like if we worked at subway or something and made a really big tuna sub with all that crap on it, wrapped it up, took money and said, "Have a nice day!" with a big smiley face), it shows me, I show me, what I am doing. it feels sparkle-y.

let us know when you've moved in.



You so KNOW he's your favourite, don't you? :)

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