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My kids are "white tees" but pink ones pop up every now and then. It's from that song about "throwbacks" (Crime Mob). The "white tee" is the cheap alternative to the expensive "throwback" jerseys. Now, if we could only use this info to teach kids about fascism, socialists, etc... ya know, history....

Have a good week, sweetie.


Woah, keep pressing shuffle. You are far better off.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Glad to see you are updating. I have re added you to my blog roll and look forward to hearing more about your year!


my kids argue that they wear pink tees because "real pimps wear pink". they say it comes from kanye west, who wore a pink shirt or something. is this what you guys are referring to? of course, there are always the red and blue wearers who claim colors.

in response to your question: i define a word wall as this catchphrase/idea where you post the vocab (or students post it with you) on the wall so that they are aware of the vocab they are supposed to know. i think it falls under clear expectations, which is a principle of learning. my district goes bananas over principles of learning. :)


woah, small world... mr. grammar.police and i go way back. real and virtual worlds intersecting... spooky!


yup, small world. i went to college with joanna newsom. like 1.5 years ago.
and she IS related to gavin.

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