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I love the "essay" link! I will use your "pick your favorite song and write a story inspired by the song" idea in my class. Great idea.

And, as for the Pimp/Homebase Slide/Touchdown story: it reminds me of the times during my years in public ed when my students made me laugh AND cry, and of those touchdown moments, when I felt like a real teacher.

I wish I had been blogging, like you, during those years. Though I was teaching high school English in a public school less than two years ago, so much has been forgotten. I'm now teaching at a private school; there aren't as many stories to tell.

Keep writing. I see a book in the making.


Reminds of the scene in School of Rock where Jack Black's character (posing as teacher) is trying to get the students talking about the classic rock 'n roll bands and they can only think of pop, R&B or hip-hop acts.

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