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It has happened to me more than once when, while observing a classroom, one of the girls in the class raises her hand while looking at me. I walk over and ask if she needs help. "No," she says. "I just like your skirt." But I've also had students ask why my face looks greasy, so go figure. They are just too honest for their own good.

And as for all that imagination they so freely display when giggling and talking amongst themselves: they just don't realize that it's story (and all that description makes it good story). But they will someday, and then we all better watch out.


I remember when I was about 14 I did work experience in a museum and I was so shocked and delighted that people had sticky uppy hair and faded scruffy clothes and no one cared or teased them for it.


Mine were shocked today when I said I had a CD they owned. I even quoted Snoop Dog. OMG....a teacher has a LIFE outside of the classroom. I could possibly have the same interests? And no -hu-way....I was fourteen once too. I always tell them, "whatever you do or think you are going to do, I've done it before you and you can't pull the wool over my eyes."

If they only knew....


Students expect all teachers to wear appliqued jumpers with school houses or other seasonal object on them. When we don't, it freaks them out to the point of gossip. It shocks students when the see me outside of class and realize that I do have a life. Although most of it consists of correcting their papers or planning their lessons.


Having grown up in a home with two educators, I grew antennae that could detect another teacher from 100 yards (particularly on Friday afternoon)...it is an aura-thng. And how dare you to theaten that pigeon-hole perception of school teacher?! Smockless? OMG! Isn't that, like, educator heresy or something? Aren't nylon stocking supposed to be rolled down to just below the knee? And where or where is thy bun?

'sorry, I couldn't help myself.


A student once told me, "If you got your hair braided and started wearing tight tops and tight jeans, these kids would stop looking at Ms. Graham and start looking at you."


Don't you remember what it was like being young and in school -- and the fascinating shock that accompanied the realization that your teacher had an existence separate of the classroom. And, worse, that she would demonstrate it on occassion?

Btw, I love reading about your (mis)adventures in The System. =)

nice site


Ha!! So, so true. My kids think I'm insanely cool because I don't wear an apple jumper. That's all it takes among the competition I'm up against!


I found your site via a Instapundit post oneducation blogs, this is awesome. I must admit when I started my own blog, I knew current events would be integral to it because of my interests.

The sites I've been visiting today, inspire me to write more on teaching.

You are so on the mark about students noticing teacher appearance and speculating on our 'outside' lives.

Teaching middle school, well let's just say they have very vivid imaginations. My first degrees are over 25 years old, so you would think they would consider that I have NO personal life, outside of my own children. However, they know I'm single, so they are always giving me 'tips' on what I should buy and do to my hair or nails.

LOL I had one girl try to fix me up with her dad-I am NOT kidding.


A few weeks ago my boyfriend came to eat lunch with me at school. He has multiple facial piercings and my eighth graders are fascinated by him. They've gotten used to my tongue piercing, and don't ask about it anymore. He stood with me at dismissal and got so many comments about his piercings that he didn't know how to react. Now my students ask when he's coming to see me again, and can they come to our wedding. It's very cute.

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