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I have been told that IG Pro doesn't like to share data with anyone--I meant any other program but as I try to get grades done, I think anyone might have been right.

Good luck!


I've been using Easy Grade Pro
on my laptop and the EGP Clipboard on my Palm. It works really slick. I've been printing weekly progress reports using this software ( 2 semesters so far) The Palm app really is handy in being able to walk around and enter grades. The sync is painless, just do it every day. I’ve been told by other teachers that Grade Quick by Jackson Software also works well in the same way.

My district uses MSS (piece of garbage) which doesn't interface with EGP but since I just have to use it for end of term grades this solution works for me.

Is importing/exporting an option with the Intergrade Pro software?

Mike Arnzen (Pedablogue)

I've been using Teacher's P.E.T. -- which works fairly easily (a two-step import process) with Excel. It got the job done for me last term, but if I were to grade the software I'd probably only give it a "B". Don't know how much it'll help, but I wrote a bit about Palm software for teachers here: http://blogs.setonhill.edu/MikeArnzen/004052.html


I emailed my nice Instructional Technology woman, and she said my school might be looking to find something other than IGP. It looks like, as Jennifer said, that IGP doesn't play well with others. Does anyone know if Easy Grade Pro is compatible with SASI?

I guess I could use whatever I liked best and then transfer all my grades at the end of the semester to the school's grading system, but it would be much more pleasant to do the whole transfer/sync thing.

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My school is also on the deadly IGP/SASI combo. I think it is this evil marriage that does not allow for sharing of info.

Along those lines, is your faculty constantly told via intercom to "Log out of SASI"? It happens to us at least weekly in the middle of the day and now it's a popular catch phrase among the kids.

"If you think you can talk to me that way, you better log out of SASI!"

Steven Fisher

I've been lead programmer on InteGrade Pro for years now. I am working on a Palm OS gradebook application, although it is not yet ready. If you're still using InteGrade Pro, let me know.

I find the claim that it doesn't play well with others pretty odd. It does full database exports and has a very flexible import grammar (although not as flexible as maybe I'd like). What specifically are you trying to do? But yes, the focus is on SASIxp, CIMS, TSS, Osiris, ParentLink (or whatever it's called now), etc.


I am using Integrade Pro and also Gradekeeper for Pocket PC. It is a lot of extra work as I gather the data on the PPC and then print out sheets for reporting on Integrade Pro (It has better reporting options than Gradekeeper i.e.-tasks, student grades/points on Multi-Class Report).

Anyway, I'd be very interested to have a Palm or Pocket PC program that would allow for "Mobile Grading".

Robert Franco

i agree SASIxp and IGpro are not the best solution. way to quarky. i too am looking for a better solution, any recommendation?

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