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Hi, I am a new teacher, just got my first official job. How do you get on a education blogger list or roll? My blog is chock full o links and what not, but haven't gotten that "big" yet. :) Congrats on your nomination. The blog world is a strange one. Please feel free to read mine. Though it's not always about teaching, I presume that beginning next week, ed related topics will thrive as I enter into this, my new career.


Gosh, I feel like a guest blogger. ;)


While right now I have the freedom to pick my own books, with NCLB, eventually we will be required to use standardized syllabi, books and lessons.

What? I'd like to point this article out to you that was featured yesterday on Eduwonk.


There's no national coordination on what a first grader needs to know -- and you fear it's going to affect 9th Grade Literature.

Now, could a state mandate certain books or your local school board. Maybe, but blaming this on NCLB seems to me you're using this as a scapegoat.

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