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Why is it that the smallest class is always the most obnoxious?

Principal's daughter - classic!


i'm sorry this happened to you. but, damn, that's a great story!


that is freakin' hilarious.

i mean, it sucks to be you and all, but thanks for REALLY making me laugh here.

Expat Nomad

ROFL! I am sorry to laugh at the scenario but it is the thing that Hollywood scripts are written from. I did something along those lines except mine was an easy cure - all I had to do was pull up my zipper that had been down and showing off my boxers for the previous 30 minutes. It took the kids that long to get up the tenacity to tell me that I had pretty blue underwear.

Kids need to know and appreciate our human nature as well. We all have bad days just like they do and sometimes the bullshit needs to be thrown out the door, regardless of who's daughter it is.

But dang girl - your boss' daughter?!?!?! ;)


Probably if you knew everyone's horoscope, you'd see that this confluence of events was inevitable, a working out of the Fates, a representation of the Cosmos in the classroom.

OR: You just put on your "Shit Happens" t-shirt and move on.

This experience will provide you with a nice opening gambit when you see your principal at the Holiday party. You could begin by telling him what a confident and self-possessed daughter he has. : )


Oh...my. While I hate to laugh at another's pain, that has to be one of the funniest stories I've heard in a long time. As for the princess in the puffy coat, even if she was the pope's daughter, she doesn't have the right to interrupt your class, so kudos to you for some snappy repartee.


Who let the daughter loose in the first place without a pass? Saying BS shouldn’t get you fired. It might get a letter in your file. At least it was the principal’s daughter. What if it had been the daughter of some rabid parent looking to sue the school system?

Last year (You’d think I’d know better after 17 years in the classroom) I had a boy up and in my face and I told him to get the F___ out of my classroom. I did not say the word but the F was on my lips. That earned a letter in my file from a new assistant principal looking for a career climb.

As others have posted we are human, we make mistakes. As long as we don’t repeat them and they are not really stupid errors (AKA criminal) we should be allowed to keep plugging along trying to educate America’s youth. Most days it is a lot of fun :-)


Sorry this happened to you, this happened to me yesterday, my 5yr. old said damn it! In his frustration at school. And this was a big shock. I feel terrible.



get it

thanks for the laugh

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