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Mmmmmmmm Cheese......


We're on similar wavelengths. I got a Bose speaker dock for my iPod and I've already loaded on the CD of readings from the Norton Introduction to Poetry (my text next term for Intro to Poetry). I plan to alternate playing readings of a poem and some of the songs on iPod as prompts for writing responses in class. Always thinking about a new wrinkle for the next term.

Happy New Year!


I think I'll be going window shopping at one of your favorite stores today - the knit cupcake store. I have to resist buying anything too cute and over-priced.

happy holidays.


John- I used audio a lot in class last semester, especially with my struggling readers, but I really will love being able to whip out the ipod and do it so easily (i.e. downloading, burning a cd that doesn't always work, lugging boombox borrowed from special ed...). Plus, it seems like hardly anyone can read poetry properly, so using audio with poetry seems especially appropriate.


Uncanny similiarities - we didn't celebrate Christmas either! Were your family Jehovah's Witnesses??

(I also had one a tiny, smelly Strawberry Shortcake doll.)

P.S. I'm not stalking you, I swear. I'm just going through your blog in chronological order. Hope you don't mind all of the comments! :)

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