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Expat Nomad

Well, you may be a dork but you are being recognized by fellows dorks. Take pride in your nomination! Hold that head high! If you'll notice, there could have been a ton of people chosen but you were among the elite that bare their soul to the world (and not your backside thanks to a well-placed sweater) and can take the criticism that goes along with it.

Besides, its fun to read your stories and to remember the first year in the classroom. I was told to write a journal of my first year so that I would remember it. But I didn't heed that advice and it makes me wish that I had. But reading your posts takes me back to some of those painful/joyous moments that are in the archives of all of our teaching lore. Thanks for the journey down memory lane.

So take pride in your accomplishments. The masters degree, the first classroom, the success with Pimp (relative), the nomination. And have that hubby of yours cook ya a nice dinner - you have earned it.


I voted for you. yeah!


I voted for you, too! Though I now teach in a private school, much of my teaching experience has been in public ed. Your blog reminds me of where my heart is: public education.
Blog on!


I would vote for you even if you weren't nominated! Always love, Mom


Your blog is a great read - it's entertaining, heartfelt, and real. I am proud to be related!


I'm hooked. I had not seen your blog prior to your EduBlog nomination for Newcomer 2004...but I'll not likely miss another post. Kudos to hipteacher! :)


Mucho entertaining read. Stay hip! I voted for ya.

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