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11. Don't think that your students will wish you any sort of holiday greeting.


Well, at least you do really know how to sew - not that you will have the time anytime soon.

Glad you survived at any rate.


12. Failing a student makes you feel really crummy, no matter how little work that child did, no matter how many times they fell asleep in class, no matter how much you spoke with the parents and the student.

13. There is nothing like two weeks away from school to make you feel like a whole person again, not just a teacher.



I didn't know how to email you on this site so I'm posting a comment.

I'm in Atlanta. Give me a call or email if you are in town and we can hang out.


ps- awesome blog.


Sending hipteacher a heads-up to the latest edublog competition, closing date for noms is 24th Dec: http://www.blogmechanics.com/bob/archives/2004/12/best_educationh.html#comments

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