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Peter Albion

I'm glad to see you back on the air. Your long disappearance had me wondering if you had been ground down by the beginning teaching experience. That can happen but it was hard to imagine somebody who started with such enthusiasm would not win through in the end.
Organisation has never been my thing either. I go in cycles that mean I see the surface of my desk every month or so. I have colleagues who have bare desktops but I sometimes wonder if they just stuff everything in a drawer. At least I know it's on my desk somewhere and I can find it if I dig. I once worked with a history teacher who talked about his desk almost as a palaeontology field trip. He could find what he needed but it might be in the Jurassic layer.


i lub that.


Hey, hipteacher. I need a "Taiwanese super hero in red track pants and red and white striped toe socks" to come organise my files. Can you send her to Asia? The semester is winding down; exam week is looming, and my piles of papers are nowhere NEAR being organized. This teacher needs three more extra days in her week to get it all done. YIKES!


Your work is marvelous!!1

1911 compensator

I still remember the tune from a friend. Even oldies loves to sing with it.

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