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Isn't hipteacher an oxymoron? ;)


duncan - it is not an oxymoron when one carries a shakespeare action figure with a super-action quill in ones book bag....

and my darling hippest of hipteachers - it is 10:00 and i am only just now returning home from school. it was parent-teacher conference night. fun. fun. not.

i would call but i think you are probably asleep. but i am thinking of you, and will send you good thoughts tomorrow, and i bought you a video at the baby sale.


thats super cool! where can I get a shakespeare action figure?


4th period - Sometimes it works to tell them exactly what you are thinking and see if they think the same thing. It bothers me that responding, or participating, seems a bit chaotic - what do you think? If they agree, which they will because anytime you think something some of them are also thinking it, then they can discuss the best way to take care of it.
Period 2 - same drill, different problem.
Just a suggestion.

Hieronymus Posh

In my nostalgic longing for days long gone, it occurred to me that one of my 9th grade teachers was a somewhat avid blogger.

Googled, perused, amused.

I had expected at least one mention in the month of Septmember, 2004--what I hadn't expected was for it to make my day.

And the title is no longer 'self-defined "theoretical anarachist"', but "pseudo-neo bourgeois anarcho-syndicalist."


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