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Vito Prosciutto

If you go to Ms Frizzle's archives for the summer and find the last entries for her time in San Francisco, there's a link to video that shows exactly what she looks like.

Incidentally, is that your own picture in the upper left?


I hadn't heard of the Magic School Bus until we had kids. I think it's targeted at school-age kids, but our three-year-old is a huge fan. The series (books and TV) is more "educational" than most of the crap out there, and Ms. Frizzle really is a hero of experiential teaching (imagine a field trip every day), so consider the comparison a compliment. I'm sure you're much cooler looking, but she is sort of sexy in a cartoony kinda way.
: )

World Lit, Madagascar and interesting musical experiences - sounds like an exciting day. Your students are stretching their minds in bold and clever directions. While they may be quick-witted with their responses remember that you have every right to be equally clever in your reactions. When your students choose such a direction to travel, offer them no road to move forward on. For instance, one suggestion would be to find over-sarcastic humor in S.Bob's selection of music - perhaps even going as far as to quiet the class and play the song at the beginning of every day for a couple of weeks. When the music stops, don't skip a beat - get right down to business. If this would be a feasible reaction for the relationship you have with your students it would show them that their childish expression does not influence your abilities or level of confidence in acting as their teacher and in securing a productive learning environment.

The Magic School Bus really was an excellent childhood experience. I assure you, it is not a bad thing to be equated with Ms. Frizzle.


The above comment was from me, a random stranger, by the way. I'm not sure why my name didn't show up, but - if you're like me (and maybe you're not) - an anonymous comment has the potential to drive you nuts. Since it seems that the kids are excellent at it, I won't (potentially) add to the insanity.

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