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From my school days, the only thing that made Oedipus interesting was discussing how Frued read it incorrectly.


Good for you! That was brilliant! You have to build on it...remember that brilliant idea, and next year you'll have another one, and so on. I think it gets better that way...;-)

Rob Lucas

"Now, I feel like I am giving them a less than ok lesson when I don't have something unexpected or super interesting to do with them, and it's hard to make every lesson fresh and fascinating."

I felt that way all last year, which was my first year. And as Michelle says, it gets better with time. This year, I've been able to repeat all the successful lessons and replace the bad ones with new ideas. To speed the process along, though, I've recently started a website, The Teachers' Lounge Wiki, where teachers in all grade levels and subjects can post their favorite lessons, handouts, etc. I'd love to have you help get the ball rolling by posting some of your lessons. The horoscope idea is exactly the kind of thing I had in mind when I started the site.


hey, cool site. and VERY cool that you're using a creative commons license. i'm a big fan of that org.

anyway, i need some advice for my own website. how did you set yours up to come up first on google when you search "hip teacher?" i heard about your site from a friend of mine who works with you (in case you were wondering).

Mike Arnzen

EXCELLENT use of horoscopes in the class...your students are very lucky to have you as a teacher. I could see myself doing something like that, only to randomly read a horoscope that said "a person in authority will fall in love with you" or something oddly embarrasing like that.

And hey, thanks for reading Pedablogue, too.

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