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I work in a school district that employs over 5000 teachers, and we don't have to get fingerprinted. Can you believe?

Tom Hoffman

It is really important to eat breakfast and lunch when you're teaching, by the way.


Preparing for your first real teaching assignment can certainly give you a sense of the life of the ADHD child.
Looking back at the end of the day, you ask yourself,"How did I manage to be distracted from my 'To Do' list 143 times?" As for the team teaching, I've found that if both teachers treat each others as equals the students will do the same. My co-teacher and I are about to start our fourth year together. Our attitude has always been that this is OUR class and we are BOTH here to teach ALL of the students.


Teachers go to the bathroom? ;-)


I was at school today--SATURDAY--finishing my to-do list. It has been done.

A teacher in my department eats strange things at lunch. Yesterday, she ate a plain bagel and marshmallows. On Wednesday, she ate a baggie of corn Chex and about a dozen oatmeal cookies. These are some serious dietary issues. I haven't been able to eat breakfast yet...too nervous, even during pre-planning.


You look about as prepared as anyone could be.

It's corny and obvious, but as an old-timer (my first class in college composition was September, 1960, and I wasn't yet 21), don't short yourself on sleep or food. An alert mind will get you through the unexpected better than any specific planning you do.

I know you're going to enjoy this work.


Um, yeah, I needed to pick up a form at HR this week and decided to leave work on time and try to rush over there before 5 pm. It took me almost 30 minutes to leave school (hand in various required paperwork, shut windows, gather belongings, sign out, walk to car), and of course they were closed before I even got near. The 'planning' and organization part of it is not working out for me, though I like my students alot.


I hope you are enjoying your new job, but I fear your lack of posts might be an indication that you are overwhelmed. Don't be afraid to ask colleagues (both online and at your school) for help. Until we hear from you, I'm going to assume the best: that you have thrown yourself into your new challenge and simply haven't had the opportunity to post.


Congratulations--you made it! Yes, food and rest makes or breaks it. Do your paperwork a little at a time--if you let it go you'll be overwhelmed trying to catch up.

Love the pics of your new class. Wow--you not only have a HUGE classroom, it is clean, painted, your chairs all have 4 legs, and you have walls and ceilings!!! No joke--at my school we have open pods. That means 4 to 8 classrooms without walls or ceilings in each building. The only thing that separates the classrooms are rolling cabinets! It takes tens of thousands of dollars to put in half walls, then even more to put in suspended ceilings. In the meantime--we teach, struggle for sanity, and pray for deafness!

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