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Hell yeah.. you and Amy start a revolution and I'll grab some people to jump on. NO MORE COMMAS!!!


all i know is that if they are fascists, they're faux-fascists. i counted at least 15 grammar errors in that book (some of them appalling, like two independent clauses stuck together with only a "therefore), not to mention the style issues. that lady thinks that because she knows that common plural nouns don't require an apostrophe, people will devote their lives to her cause. it's sad.

whoo, i've been wanting to get that off my chest for a while now. in the big picture, i'm a grammar wimp, but even i know grammatical hot air when i see it. don't let that lady suck you in. maybe i should try and gather a following of people who find her book in bookstores and mark up the mistakes with a sharpie?


Well, between the these views, we're going to start all kinds of revolutions. As long as there's passion, I always say...

And Jeremy, your powers as a beautifully moving writer and as a tarty grammarian astound and impress me. You must come to Atlanta and teach my students how to diagram. Then we'll all go see good shows.

But, I agree with your new sharpie brigade. She dished it, so I certainly think she should get served (but not in that horrible dancing way a la some cheesy teen movie).

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