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Peter Temes

Hey, for whatever it's worth, you sound primed beyond what any of us ought to expect for your new students. I think they'll be lucky to have you.

From my own experience teaching literature to middle-schoolers, the very best starting point I've found for talking about literature is William Carlos Williams' "This is Just to Say" - - it's perfect for asking simple questions that evoke deep answers.

I worked for a few years with the Great Books Foundation, and though they never used WCW, the spirit of what they do - - encouraging teachers to teach by asking questions, not by giving explict anwers (at least for good chuncks of time) -- is a high path to walk.

best, Peter


Peter, thank you for your kind words and suggestions.

I'll try out that WCW poem. I've been a fan ever since I read the "Red Wheelbarrow" in the 10th grade and nearly lost my mind trying to figure out what makes poetry poetry.

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