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Holy War, Batman!
I am sick to my stomach. I can't stave off this feeling any longer that we ARE the bad guys (not the only ones, mind you, but bad nonetheless).

Why can't people see what is happening? Why am I still having conversations with people about this and they just don't get it?! In my convo in Charleston with the people at the restaurant one of the guys was defending Bush and slamming Moore. I got fed up with trying to use rational arguements with him and pointed out how Bush is so clearly NOT on top of things by giving the example that Bush didn't even pronounce the name of the torture scandal prison correctly in a White House conference, "We are looking into the Abu Garif...uh...situation." (it's Abu Garib)
The guy responded to me by saying, "Okay, so I wouldn't call Bush a mental genius..." and then went on to defend him some more.


How on earth can you admit that the Pres is dumb but still think that he is a good person to be the leader of the "free" world? I guess Bush isn't the only blockhead in this country...note people with Bush '04 stickers on their cars.

(BTW: I put 'free' in quotes because somehow we have redefined the word Invade as Liberate, so following that logic makes free mean captive/detained/controlled/limited...Ah, diplomacy!)


Oh, hey...it's a good thing I'm not the President either. It's pronounced Garib (at least over here by the ig'nant media). But it's spelled Abu Ghraib. My bad, y'all.


Wow. Even the trailer said a lot. I've got to see this. Thanks for the info!


It surely is difficult to sort through information filtered by people in general. There are many things in your post I would like to have first hand knowledge of. One thing struck me while reading though. The statement about soldiers not knowing why they are in Iraq. I believe, and I could be wrong, that soldiers give up their free speech rights in a way while on active duty. I think it is their obligation to answer the question the researcher asked with the statement they gave. So I am not sure this was a valid comparison. Good luck with your teaching assignment.


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