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well - i think you usually know what i am thinking and feeling - but then again, chip has always said that i have the personality of a cat.


I like the pics of your animal friends. I am definitely an animal lover too. I'll have to tell you about the documentary and the "hunting doves" lady. Scary. Rahim and I are so nutty, we sometimes worry about bugs - the ones that land on the car when you're at a stoplight and you don't want them to get smooshed or something.


One time I did a religious preference test (I think the one over at beliefnet.com) and one of my top religions was Jainism. Some of the more orthodox Jains wear face masks and sweep the ground as they walk to avoid killing bugs. I'm not quite so extreme. I will swerve for squirrels but not for mosquitos.

And keep kitty-like and purse-puppy-like friends.


Yayaya Kitties!!! It's official: my cat, my little chunky-munky Lily-girl, prefers it when I am single and all alone. This morning we had a major make-out session that involved her rubbing her face all over my limp-give-me-five-more-minutes-to-sleep-body. That never happens when there is a boy in my bed (not even when my ex-husband was still my husband and sleeping in our bed).

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