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holy freaking crap! that is one of the most utterly scary stories i've ever heard. i'm serious. if that is fiction and you're just fooling us, you damn well can write stories. (plus, I don't believe fiction REALLY exists, but that's just me. since i think we all pull from our experiences and then just warp them to something beyond recognition.)
In the case that this did happen, which i do believe it did, that definitely tops my college sexual harrassment story in which dude made his proposal to cheat on his wife with me via a defense of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky's behavior as being not so bad since they were "two consenting adults."
I shirked him off by responding how it was really bad since there were three adults involved (the third being his wife who was also my Women in Politics Prof), therefore requiring three consenting adults, not two. and there is a child involved (referring to his newborn daughter). Ew.


That is horrible almost beyond belief. That guy sounds psychotic.

I've dealt with so much sexual harrassment in my school and work like it's not even funny. I had an opposite grade experience. After I rebutted one of my professors, he gave me an "A" to never grace his class with my presence again. I still regret not going to the dean.

At one job I held, ironically, the head of security acosted me while walking me to my car in a dark parking lot. If I told all my stories, it would fill a blog.This shit is ubiquitious.


the closest i came to sexual harassment was being annoyingly asked out by certain types of guys - usually the ones I have no interest in whatsoever - old, creepy ones.

r- your "sugar nipples" story is by far the worst (or best)!


This is horrible...I'm glad you never learned sugar nipple writing.



I'd have been furious. I'm sure you were!

How on earth do idiots like that manage to get tenure!?!?

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