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Hi I found your Blog this afternoon via "Michelle's Nervous Blog" which I am a daily reader of and which has a link to you.

I won't bore you with my details, but I spent a while reading your Blog and found myself agreeing with alot of your thought's on teaching, and other idea's and thoughts you have.

Anyway just wanted to make myself known as I'll be checking back in and reading your daily entries from now on.



Duh sorry the route I took to your blog was...Nervous Michelle, Marys Madness, then you, just in case your wandering how I got here, lol.

I read so many in a day, I hope you can forgive the odd mistake, lol


R, the world is getting smaller, and might I add, crazier. You missed a wallop of a class today.

I think too that some students "get it" and choose not to use it/apply it/practice it. It's also important to consider the ways we can damage a child, through our positions of authority. I still resent my hs French teacher for painting a one-sided picture of France - bread eating, wine drinking, soccer playing Europeans. It wasn't until I went to France that I really realized the country's colonial position.


Kohl rocks. I remember reading him and thinking...Oh Yeah! Some students definitely have an attitude of "What could a suburbanish white woman possibly know about the world that is of value to me?" (At least until they get to know me...ha!)I think it's a legit question.

"Can't learn" is bullshit. These kids have more street smarts than most of the teachers put together, and they know it.

Off-topic..it seems as though there is a lot of "not-learning" taking place in the world of politics here in the US...


Welcome to my land of miseducation, Darren.

Mary, I think I'm glad I felt broken today and didn't go to school. It sounds like more soul sucking went on in my absence.

Michelle, I like your very apt analogy to politics. It amazes me to no end that everyday new stuff breaks (about our abusing people, about the FAA's involvement in 9/11, anything and everything about Rumsfeld, Cheney and crew) and still basically no reaction. I'm totally freaking out. Why isn't everyone else?


"...these students show great ability in their will to non-learn."

*Laughing hysterically*

Great, idea, let's praise the "non-learners" in their quest for idiocy while the majority of data (TIMMS, UNICEF studies) shows a steady decline in the performance of American students in comparison to their peers in other countries.

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