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my only comment is yes, i am both lively and intelligent.


As a non-american reader, I appreciated that information. I'd also like to know the answer to another few questions - is it true that teachers in the US teach only one year group at a time? And are there *no* schools without streaming of students by ability?


There are many teachers that seem to teach one particular grade, but there are also many teachers who teach different grade levels during the day. Like, next year, I'll teach 9th, 10th and 11th grade. In middle school, teachers only teach one grade for the most part, and they work in teams. In each grade team, there is a teacher for each main subject area.

There may be a couple schools who do not use tracking, but they'll probably be private schools which are somewhat defacto tracking students solely by admission standards and tuition. I've never heard of a public school that doesn't use tracking in some fashion. For more info about how this all works (and how it often does students a disservice) check out Keeping Track: How Schools Structure Inequality by Jeannie Oakes.

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