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i am so jealous. you get supplies.

Frank Carver

I can sure sense your enthusiasm!

I must admit though, that the desciption of your schedule leaves me completely baffled! I'm familiar with the British school system, and currently teach teenagers in a local college, so I naively assumed I'd be able to make some sort of sense of American terms. But nope.

I'm pretty sure that "Lit" is literature, but the rest is largely a jumble of letters. I don't really expect you to explain how all this works, but I felt the need to explain that there is someone somewhere who read this without comprehension.

For example, I've never got to grips with what "ninth-graders" means (presumably it's some indication of progress through the school system -typically how old is a ninth-grader? is this the same 9 that appears in your schedule period titles?) And what does the "Honors" and "Gen" indicate?

I'm also puzzled that you only seem to have four "periods" for a whole semester. What (and how long) is a period? Is that the same four every day? Do they run consecutively for a few weeks each? Do you have big gaps between them? I just can't get my head round it.

Is the "Planning" something that you will teach, or something that you do instead of (or to prepare for) teaching?

Finally, I'm intrigued that you seem uneasy with "British Lit". When I studied this (OK, we called it "English Lit", but that's just local smugness, I guess) we covered the likes of Shakespeare, Chaucer, Wordsworth. Is John Donne mandatory for you?

Sorry. Don't mind me mumbling in the corner.

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